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 RT4 BIGONE DEALS | LAST CHANCE TO SAVE UP TO 1989,-!  - If gone - then gone!



// TIME FOR THE NEXT LEVEL: new 1400m² Carplounge Headoffice!

+++ From Tuesday, 29.09 we will close our office in Willich!
+++ From 07.10 we will open our brand new headquarters in Krefeld and will be available for you as usual! Further information and our NEW ADRESS

  Temporarily limited email and phone availability due the moving!

We specialize in the production of baitboats and their accessories. Over the last 15 years we have developed the most extensive complete range for our demanding customers.

Our boats are basically "tools" for professional carp anglers who need a bait boat that is used regularly - even in the toughest conditions.

With 250-300 baitboats produced each month, we are the international market leader in the high-end range. Our expert team consists of 32 employees, with our own development and service department, we can provide a unique service and regular product updates.

You are welcome to visit our manufacture and convince yourself of our products with a test ride of different Setups at our testlake. Just contact us for an appointment.

 current information about our production, further news and feedback from international magazines and pro-anglers in the NEWS section!

🔥 Corona Update +++

➡️  We're working and open! our production is running at full speed! We take the current situation seriously: to protect our employees and customers, we have closed the office for visitors.


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🔥 Delays in delivery

    //  Due to the extreme demand and Covid-19 related supply bottlenecks of our suppliers, in the last few weeks there were unfortunately also missing components in our production. This could led to delays in the completion and shipment of the products.

➡️ Back on Track: Except for a few components and shop items, almost all components are now in stock again or will arrive shortly!

🔥 free UK + EU shipping!

➡️ until end of this Week we deliver free of charge to UK and whole EU from a value of 75€! 

All parcels are insured by our additional insurance up to 5000€!

- and this without extra charge for our customers! // At Carplounge we always set a high value on fastest processing times and of course we will keep you up to date via email!


| Raymarine: all Detailsin english, francais, deutsch & nederlands!

       APP FULL TRANSLATED:  in many more language:  Italian | Polish | Turkish | Russian | Czech | Slovakia | Slovenia

Are you looking for a new challenge and would like to work for one of the largest and most successful companies in the fishing industry? As a rapidly growing world market leader in high-end fishing tackle and industrial mapping rovers, we offer you an interesting job in a modern working environment.

| 👥 Current vacancies at Carplounge:

 While the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a drop in turnover for most companies, Corona at Carplounge has led to the exact opposite: While we have grown by an average of 41% in recent years, the turnover has already tripled in the first half of 2020! 

    //  We are hiring![ Fulltime / Parttime | m/f ] ➡️ All Jobs in Detail 🔥

🔥 Korda Thinking Tackle RT4 Spezial

➡️ Darrell Peck and Danny Fairbrass using the RT4 baitboat and explain their tactics on unknown waters. "With the help of the Raymarine HD echosounder, hot spots are found quickly and can be approached with the #carplounge #autopilot at any time with the highest precision."

// shortened video from "Korda Thinking Tackle" with kind permission. copyright: Korda UK

🔥 best Baitboat Fishfinder 2020?!

     VS //


➡️ Looking for a new #Echosounder?
➡️ Compare the latest 2020 wireless echo in our new Video!!

🔥 Nash manager Alan Blair & his RT4

➡️ Alan Blair is using his RT4 worldwide for almost one year now with great success! During a late summer session in France together with #Nash & #Carplounge team angler Jocelyn Dupré they have used the rt4 continuous for the new edition of ‘’ destination H20’’. They were so impressed with the performance of the boat, so they made a short trailer with the RT4 in action.

//more about Alan and his csutmom RT4: 



Carplounge Office UK- open 2020 in the Essex region! With already more than 6000 UK based customers, we are already UK registered for years, but now its time for the next big step to meet the growing demand for our high-end products:

To be even closer to our English customers, we are opening a Carplounge Sales & Service Point in Great Britain in 2020.

// Carplounge in Detail.


// 🔥 NEW: RT4 Baitboat Special!

In the latest Korda Masterclass 6, Ali Hamidi demonstrates the use of his RT4 baitboat and explains the benefits of the carplounge autopilot system in conjunction with the high-resolution Raymarine Dragonfly color-echosounder. Baitspirals / Baitscrews - Ali's tactic and rig to selective fishing. 3D mapping - so easy to generate 3D underwater maps live for an accurate overview of the soil structure.

" Watch this chapter to see the exact methods, including some new age tech, that Ali is 100% certain will help ANY angler enjoy more success on the bank and see their catch rate increase with ease! "

 #RT4 Raymarine Black Set with 1300€ discount:

+++ //  RT4 - Stockboats - we need space!

🔥 Save up to 1720.00€ / £1550.00 with a Stock Boat!
rom our inventory we have RT4 demonstration boats (demo) and new Show and Airbrush concept Boats to issue with a big discount! 

 The boats has been used for shows or for film/photoshoots or reviews from international magazines, are for the most part new and available immediately including guarantee. All boats are tested, 100% functional and technically up-to-date or brand new! Start right now with your RT4 - at the best time of the year!


// 🔥 NEWS Update! +read here

[Nash Manager- Alan Blair]  [Korda's - Ali Hamidi]  [carpcrossing boss - Ed Skillz]  [Avid Carp's - Ian Russell]  [Fox Manager - Shaun MqSpadden] and many more... now the latest news from top anglers about the use of your RT4 Baitboat [+read here+]


🔥 The heads of Fox int. and Korda Developments: in action with their RT4 Raymarine Autopilot Set with 3D Mapping.

Fox int. Manager Shaun McSpadden: "Very impressed by the professional production and the customer care, thats where they are already known for."
Korda' Darrell Peck: "fully loaded with raymarine echo and autopilot - top bit of tech!"
Korda' Ali Hamidi: "The RT4- There is nothing better on the Planet #germanengineering - it realy is!"
Korda' Danny Fairbrass: "the detailed mapping of lakes beds and marking of spots is incredible. What a bit of kit these products are!"

🔥 Korda Boss Danny Fairbrass: RT4 Upgrade 

➡️ During our trip to UK we took the chance to hand out Danny´s updated #RT4 in personal. 
After he has seen Darrell Peck's and Ali Himidi's top of the range RT4, he decided to Upgrade his Boat to the latest carplounge Autopilot Version with Raymarine Fishfinder and 3D Live Mapping - and a custom Airbrush Design!  [+]RT4 Autopilot Raymarine Set

🔥 Ali Hamidi - RT4 im detail *5min. Fullversion*

➡️ We are back from our recent trip to London where we met with carpfishing icon Ali Hamidi from Korda! 

We took the chance to film an interesting video in which Ali Hamidi points out his opinion about using a Baitboat in mondern day carp angling!       
 [+]RT4 Autopilot Raymarine Set

🔥 NEW Frank Warwick I RT4: 

Frank Warwick & Baitboat? Longrange specialist Frank picked up his RT4 Baitboat at the BigOne Carp show and tells us in an interview why he chose the RT4.

" ...the big Question... as a well known long distance accurate caster... why you moving over to a Baitboat?

*Interview with Gerry Heaps and Frank Warwick * 


Carplounge - premium only.

handmade in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality brand components available.

express assembly available

If you're in a hurry: express shipping is available now

our experience - your value

With more than 5000 bait boats produced, our engineers are well experienced


Due to the close with our clients and anglers, we now what is required.

market leader for high end

As the clear #1 we are regularly honored with awards from the specialist media

first class service

fast and effective service - before and after the purchase

recommended by professionals

Almost all international Pro-Anglers and star use the RT4

industrial and special contructions

RT4 baitboats are also used by representatives from industry and reasearch - we are happy to offer customized solutions
News archive
Markus Lotz -Video Tagebuch online -Monday, April 4, 2016
im Herbst 2014 hat uns Markus Lotz besucht um sein neues RT4 abzuholen: "Es ist beeindruckend wie die Boote durch die Techniker vollständig vorort aufgebaut werden." Ab sofort ist Markus neues Videot...
In der Herbstausgabe 2014 berichtet der Carpmirror im Artikel „Carplounge Baitboats, die nächste Generation“ von vielen spannenden Features, die neueste High-End Futterboote für ihre Nutzer bereithal...
Ab sofort findet ihr unseren Artikel aus dem Carphuntersmagazine (CHM) über das Erstellen von 3D Tiefenkarten auch online. In dem Artikel aus der Juni Ausgabe 2014 beschreiben wir das genaue vorgehen...
"Das Modell wurde bereits 2010 in der Juni/Juli-Ausgabe des CarpMirror vorgestellt und ist seitdem im regelmäßigen Gebrauch der Redaktion. Etliche Sessions im In- und Ausland hat das Gerät mittlerwei...
CHM Chefredakteur Simon Stallabrass hat im Frühjahr 2012 seinen Saisontest des RT4 Bootes begonnen und schilderte in der 50. Ausgabe des CHM sein Fazit zu dem Boot. "Wer Wert auf Zuverlässigkeit, ord...
Tackle Award - Bestes Futterboot! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Voller Stolz haben wir den Carp Mirror Tackle Award 2012 in der Kategorie Bestes Futterboot erhalten. Mehr als 6500 Teilnehmer wählten Carplounge unter sämtlichen Internationalen Mitbewerbern zum bes...
Wir brauchen Platz! Aus unserem Bestand haben wir noch Gerbraucht- und Vorführboote sowie Komponenten wie Echolote und GPS günstig abzugeben. Selbstverständlich sind alle Produkte gerpüft, 100% funkt...
CHM RT4 Bildergalery Online -Monday, April 4, 2016
Auf unserer Facebook Seite finden Sie eine RT4 Bildergalery von Simon Stallabrass, die aus Platzgründen nicht alle im aktuellen RT4 Langzeit-Test platz finden konnten. Besuchen Sie uns doch mal auf F...
CHM Bericht Online -Monday, April 4, 2016
In der Oktoberausgabe des Carphuntermagazines (CHM) hat unser Teamangler Olaf Barz einen interessanten Bericht mit dem Titel "Baitboat Extreme" veröffentlicht. Neben vielen Tipps rund um die Futterbo...
Sauber Abgelegt -Monday, April 4, 2016
In der aktuellen Ausgabe 37 vom Carp in Focus zeigt Geza Aschoff in seinem Artikel "Sauber Abgelegt" eine super Möglichkeit, die Schnur beim rausfahren mit dem (Futter-)Boot sauber abzuspannen. Wie v...
Das Team
Philipp Braun
Tobias Pfliegel
Dennis Groen
Olaf Barz
Ed Skillz
Fabio Gerratana
Jan Ulak
Laurent Richet
Grégory Martin
Sebastiaan Schuurman
Gerry Heapes
Lee Merritt
Marcel Kugener
Younes González
Back @ Home from the BIG ONE Carpshow 2017- Video Online! Korda's Ali Hamidi picked up his preordered Baitboat and gives us an interview:- why he chose the RT4, is the use of modern technic cheating...
We have hold back the price increases for a while now, but due the price increases from our suppliers we have to raise some prices in the upcoming weeks and discontinue current special offers. If you...
Proline's CEO Henk - RT4 BaitSpiral upgrade -Friday, February 10, 2017
Henk Suylen, head of Proline Products: "with the baitspirals carplounge offers its customers an advantage for completely new baiting strategies. The processing, the "plug and play"- principle and the...
Steve Briggs collect his RT4 -Friday, February 10, 2017
Back @ Home from Carp Zwolle At the end of an amazing fair in Zwolle, Nash's Steve Briggs picked up his pre-ordered RT4 at our booth. "I've heard a lot about the Carplounge boats but since I've trie...
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With more than 50k fans and followers on our Facebook page, this is by far worldwide biggest fan site around the topic bait boats....
behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show in England. Interview with Ian Russell Carp Angler (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat. **Turn on english Subtitle** ...
Improved customer service! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can cont...
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Watch a selection of recent video in english. All Carplounge videos can be found in our Youtube channel: *All Videos in english or with english subtitle*...
Carplounge at the Carpin on in UK -Monday, April 4, 2016
This year we once again had a booth at the Carpin’ On exchibition in England. By now we are also the clear market leader for high end bait boats in England – the mother country of bait boats. This ye...
Marco Nowacki is the regional sales manager for Graupner Modellbau in North rhine Westphalia. He is a professional model builder and works for one of the most prestigious model electronics suppliers....