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Cubed Foam [ Pick 'n' Pluck | DIY: perforated ]
Egg Foam Wallprotection [ all around 30-40mm | DIY: precisely lasered ]
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LOUNGECASE XXL - Light Weight XXL Trolley Case | in Stock now ! | FREE FullFoam! save... more
Product information "LOUNGECASE XXL Trolly"

LOUNGECASE XXL - Light Weight XXL Trolley Case

| in Stock now !
| FREE FullFoam! save another 17.50€ and add the Pick 'n' Pluck Foam for free!

Since years we receive inquiries for a high quality hardcase to protect expensive equipment, we come with the NEW LOUNGECASE XXL. Initially designed for travelling with the RT4 bait boat, the LOUNGECASE XXL RT4 TROLLEY has been specifically chosen for its strength, durability and IP67 rating (waterproof) making this the ultimate travel, outdoor case where protection is needed.
LOUNGECASE XXL offers the ultimate protection when you are overloading the car as it stops other tackle pressing down on your boat. Fitted with a retractable handle and wheels, moving the case around is easy.


- INTERIOR (LXWXD): 737*457*273mm
- EXTERIOR (LXWXD): 797.2*518*313mm
- Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight: only 11.5KG
- Lid Depth:47mm | Base Depth: 226mm
- Waterproof: O-ring sealing - IP67
- Material:TSU-19 Resin: shock and dustproof!
- Temperature Range:-40°C ~ 90°C
- Warranty: Conditional Lifetime Guarantee

You won’t find it cheaper in this size and quality! We buy in large quantities to offer you the best price!

// Flying?
| RT4 and case: within the airlines 20kg weight limit!
If you are an occasional traveller or just want the most robust, waterproof case to protect your beloved RT4 or other expensive gear then this is the case for you!

// Military Certificated!
? Waterproof IP67-IEC60529 edition 2.2
? Impact resistance test - ATA300 revision 8.0 B-2-5
? Immersion test - MIL-STD-810 F Notice 3 method 512.4
? Low temperature test - IEC60068-2-1 Sixth edition
? High temperature test- IEC60068-2-2 Fifth edition

Optional: Foam

| Fullfoam
Design the inner space with this Pick 'n' Pluck Foam to your unique requirements.

| Wallprotection
All-round protection. 30-40mm Lid Foam for boats and other equipment.
DIY: precisely lasered foam parts - self-adhesive for easy stick it in.

|LoungeCase XXL & L is the Perfect travel combination !
Use The LoungeCase XXL for the RT4 Baitboat and the LoungeCase L for your boat equipments – tablet, transmitterbox, tripod, batteries, etc.. This is the ultimate travel combination and offers the best protection for your valuable gear!!

Properties "LOUNGECASE XXL Trolly"
LoungeBox Typ: Trolly
KG: 11.5
IN Lenght-A(mm): 737
IN Width-B(mm): 457
IN Height-B (mm): 273
OUT Lenght-A(mm): 797.2
OUT Width-B(mm): 518
OUT Height-B (mm): 313
Lid Depth: 47
Material: TSU-19 Resin
Base Depth: 226
Color: black
IP: IP67
Foam: yes
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