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"Professional 230V / 12V brand-name quick charger with high-quality metal housing. It can also be used to charge the Robbe remote control battery (NiMh)! With built-in equalizer and large LC-display to show the current, voltage and capacity. LiPo mode After connecting the battery to the charger, the number of cells are automatically detected and the charge cut-off voltage is...
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Li-Ion Baitboatbattery 14,8V 8,7aH HI-C for RT3 and RT4 (XT60)
Li-Ion Baitboatbattery 14,8V 8,7aH HI-C for RT3...
Battery pack for the RT3 and RT4 bait boat, suitable as a main and backup battery. latest HI-C technology advantages compared to normal LiIon battery: -Higher capacity: 25% more battery life -Lower internal resistance: full power until the end- especially suitable for boats with Brushless Motors!! Specifications: – 4S with 14.8 V nominal voltage , 8700mAh , Weight: only 570g...
Order number: RTPWR-BASIC-4SHIC-8.7
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Li-Ion digital Smart Ultra HiC I 4S 30ah BMS
Li-Ion digital Smart Ultra HiC I 4S 30ah BMS
...for the RT4 Baitboat: suitable as main and backup battery. Li-Ion Digital Smart Battery Ultra HiC | 4S 30ah BMS! Special Edition | limited to 100 pieces* | %DEAL: -30% discount on the first 25 pieces! ...worldwide strongest Baitboat battery -with Hi-C BMS! Even more capacity: 30000mah at 4S = 444WH! "For a major large order of more than 200 RT4 mapping boats for the...
Order number: RTPWR-BASIC-4SHIC-SM30
£199.00 * £372.66 *

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Li-Ion Baitboatbattery 14,8V 6,6aH for RT3 and RT4 (XT60)
Li-Ion Baitboatbattery 14,8V 6,6aH for RT3 and...
RTPWR-BASIC-4S-6600 Li-Ion Baitboatbattery 14,8V 6,6aH for RT3 and RT4 (XT60) | Condition 1: New, there is almost no difference with the brand new product, we offer this product with a nice discount. | A-ware: 1st choice surface design with perfect shape and finish. | Immediately available | 24 months warranty Technical specifications: | 4S with 14.8V nominal voltage,...
Order number: RTPWR-BASIC-4S-6600
£55.00 * £75.68 *
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Banana- XT60 charging Cable
Banana- XT60 charging Cable
// XT60 adapter and cable for LiIon Baitboat Batteries Banana XT Adapter (Robbe Charger - LiIon Batterie) If the adapter required for connecting the battery to the charger has been lost, you can reorder it here. Please make sure that you always disconnect the battery at the adapter, and do not remove the adapter from the charger as long as the battery is connected. The open...
Order number: CAB-BOAT-3
£4.00 *

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Li-Ion Longlife Battery 14,8V 14,5aH HI-C for RT3 and RT4 (XT60)
Li-Ion Longlife Battery 14,8V 14,5aH HI-C for...
LiIon – Long Life Battery Pack for the RT4 baitboat, suitable as a main andbackup battery. The new Long Life Battery packs were originally exclusively offered to our industrial customers, for example for full-time mapping sessions with our RT4 Baitboat. Since we occasionally inquiries from private customers for even larger Batteries, we offer the longlife batteries now in...
Order number: RTPWR-BASIC-4SHIC-14.5
£104.42 * £171.48 *
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