Our Sales & Service Managers Daniel and Philipp explain the difference, tips & tricks and point out the advantages of the best wireless echo sounder for baitboats!
"It's not just in cold water that finding the fish is the key to being effective. 50 metres might as well be 50000 miles in the cold, if you’re not on the fish then it really doesn’t matter how great the rest of your tackle, bait etc is, in this situation the echo sounder has literally pinpointed a huge shoal of fish in an area I had no rods! "
Henk Suylen Proline - Baitspirals

“With the baitspirals carplounge offers its customers an advantage for completely new baiting strategies.''
''After extensive discussions with other baitboat owners it was clear to me quickly that it must be the best and most reliable what the market has to offer and there was only one answer: The RT4 from Carplounge!''
”This is the latest addition to our Monster carp team. The Carp Lounge RT4 boat! Globally recognised as the best in the business”

Ali Hamidi - Pro Angler
Longrange specialist Frank picked up his RT4 Baitboat at the BigOne Carp show and tells us in an interview why he chose the RT4.
'' It was amazing how quick it was to master the controls but getting used to the speed of this boat was a bit harder at first as the speed and the controls had a much faster response compared to the previous boat I used to use. ''

Frank Warwick - Legend
‘’ It’s a new lake, you can learn a lot by driving around with the baitboat by using the echosounder to get an idea of the topography and even see the fish on the dragonfly’’.

Darrel Peck - Korda Pro Angler
The same evening we got a enthusiastic call from Samir:

‘’I already got some nice carps and I’m really impressed by the RT4 Raymarine Autopilot, it’s easy to use, I could even see the fish on the dragonfly and the autopilot GPS is spot on!!’’
'' The heads of Fox int. and Korda Developments: // in action with their RT4 Raymarine Autopilot Set with 3D Mapping''

Danny Fairbrass - Ali Hamidi - Darrell Peck - Shaun McSpadden
'' Very impressed by the professional production and the customer care, thats where they are already known for. After some other Baitboats i can't wait to use the number one in the Market with all its benefits."

Shaun McSpadden - Fox International Product Manager
'' My RT4 can't be broken, no matter if it's in the river, in the canal or on huge lakes, in combination with the fantastic Echo and GPS, the baitboat always finds its way to the spot and back to me.''

Ed Skillz //CEO CarpCrossing
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