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“SEEING IS BELIEVING!" Ali Hamidi @ Korda Masterclass

Our sales Manager visited Ali Hamidi on his fishing trip for the next #masterclass. You won’t believe what they have seen during lake mapping!

The Raymarine came up with dozents of big carp - all concentrated on one small spot! Of coure thats where Ali placed his Rigs :

Whilst Ali mapping the lake, the incredible Raymarine Echo sounder system slowly drifted over an area that was sandwiched between Ali’s spots in the cold water, unbelievably it was full of carp which is often a signature of cold water fishing.

Ali Hamidi:
"It's not just in cold water that finding the fish is the key to being effective. 50 metres might as well be 50000 miles in the cold, if you’re not on the fish then it really doesn’t matter how great the rest of your tackle, bait etc is, in this situation the echo sounder has literally pinpointed a huge shoal of fish in an area I had no rods! "

After 3 nights without fish I found this one spot with the Raymarine and within 14 hours I caught 4 top-class fish up to 59,12lb and finished the trip successfully.

The RT4 with autopilot and Raymarine is really a gamechanger and "Jürgen" has been an important tool in my fishing for a long time! "

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