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Toslon TF640 Echo with GPS | incl. LiIon + Charger

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  • TSL-TF640
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TF640 SONAR / GPS / COMPASS Wireless Fishfinder with GPS, This is an entry-level Fishfinders... more
Product information "Toslon TF640 Echo with GPS | incl. LiIon + Charger"


Wireless Fishfinder with GPS, This is an entry-level Fishfinders with GPS. The TF640 is easy to use and suitable for the starting baitboat user. The Sonar gives a nice overview from the bottom structure. The TF640 has a GPS system what gives you the benefit to navigate your boat. We have been installing this fishfinder for years and can say that we are impressed by its quality like the TF500. The TF640 is specially designed for bait boats. It&rsquos combined with a high Position accuracy GPS, digital wireless sonar and an electronic compass. The GPS system let you guide the boat to any saved waypoint and gives the ability to fish and baiting on the same spots again. This is handy for a baiting campaign or night session The advanced sonar feature shows you the actual bottom condition and fish, the electronic compass indicates the instant boat heading direction, this makes it possible to operate the boat under bad conditions, such as night, heavy fog, rain etc.


GPS and Compass

- display Distance to target, Distance to Home, Speed of boat, Time arrival, Satellite Numbers, Heading, Bear, Course Memory, Time of day, Main Battery voltage.
- Compass indicator of the instant boat heading direction on screen (a red ""+"" on screen indicate the target)
- Indicator of the position and distance to target waypoint and HOME
- Boat arriving alarm
- Signal lost alarming
- Indication of satellite condition by colour bar: red(0~3satallites) Yellow(3~6) Blue(>6)
- Show the current position as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees
- 20 RF channels allow different users operating at same region without interference
- Detailed waypoint information including icon, name, date, etc
- Zoom in/Out route display


- Adopt brand new digital wireless sonar system
- Real time sonar windows display the latest sonar returns
- Colour Line separates fish and structure from the bottom and defines bottom hardness.
- Display target depth reading above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise lure presentations.
- Sonar alarm: fish / shallow / low battery (boat battery and display battery)
- 3 background colours
- Built-in temp sensor in transducer


GPS and RF

GPS Position Accuracy: CEP (circular error probability): 2.5m
Field test position accuracy: 1m
Waypoint storage: 500
Routes: 10
Radio frequency: 2.4GhHz
RF Range: 300m (1000ft)
RF channels: 20
Speed of boat: yes
Longitude and latitude: yes
Satellite: 50 Channel
Update rate: 1 second
Hot start<1 second (open sky)
Cold start<48 second (open sky)

Sonar frequency: 455kHz
Depth capability: 80ft
Sonar coverage: 35degree


Compass built in GPS receiver: yes
Compass built in display: yes
compass calibration function: yes

Baud Rate: 4800/9600/38400/115200Bps, (Default: 115200Bps)
Update Rate: 1Hz

Power supply of display 6~12v lithium battery or 8*AA battery
Power supply of controlling box Powered by bait boat battery
DC 6~12v / 2.0w (lithium battery or 8*AA battery)

Display Size: 4.3"TFT LCD Sunlight Viewable
Resolution: 480*272 Pixels 65,536 colour
Multi-language: Yes

Technical and casing
Sonar unit size 153 x110 x 44mm
Portable case size 262 x 150 x 98mm
GPS receiver cable length 1.0m
Transducer cable length 0.5m
Operational temperature -10°C ~ 50°C


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