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LoungeBox 12V PWR 250aH BT5 | LiFePo BLUETOOTH Smart Battery Camping Caravan

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  • PWR-4S-LiFePo-250AH-HiC-BT
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| BACK IN STOCK - Loungebox PWR-4S-LiFePo-HI-C V2... more
Product information "LoungeBox 12V PWR 250aH BT5 | LiFePo BLUETOOTH Smart Battery Camping Caravan"

| BACK IN STOCK - Loungebox PWR-4S-LiFePo-HI-C

V2 / HI-C = High Power! 

Our PWR box has established itself on the international market in a very short time, not only among anglers and campers. Our batteries have quickly replaced the outdated lead batteries for caravans and industrial applications.

With the new HI-C version, we have just launched the HI Power version of the PWR BOX - all dimensions and connections are identical,but with a significantly stronger SMART BMS, even the most powerful e-motors and other power-intensive devices can now be supplied with more than sufficient power (amps):

4S 12V LiFePo HiC battery - available in 20, 36, 55, 70, 100 ,150 and 250Ah

// NEW: 4S 12V LiFePo-HiC-Akku BT5 (bluetooth) - available in 70, 100, 150 & 250aH 

| Outdoor certified for safe use in all weather conditions
| The smart high power alternative for conventional and outdated lead batteries!


Next Level SmartBMS: Our 1000-times proven BMS has been extended by our development department with further security and logging features - now also optionally available with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and newly developed app!

Bluetooth 5.0 Multiconnect

The latest Bluetooth version not only offers higher data rates and more range, but now for the first time it allows multiple connections in parallel! It has never been easier to monitor all power sources in one glance! 

New Carplounge BT5 App for Android & IOS

Connect your IOS or Android smartphone / tablet with our new Carplounge BT5 APP to up to 4 LoungeBoxes of the latest BT5 generation at the same time! All data from the battery management system (BMS) is stored centrally and is available in real time in the BT5.0 app, where it can be monitored, processed and exported.

SmartPower Management

All data of your connected BT5 LoungeBoxes are clearly displayed. In addition to the detailed information of each individual connected BT5 LoungeBox, such as temperature, charging status, capacity , and charging cycles, the total capacity, the previous and current consumption, as well as the remaining time of all connected batteries are displayed in real time!

Carplounge BT5 Features

| Bluetooth 5.0 - max. data rates and range!
| Multiconnect - connect up to 4 BT5 Loungeboxes at the same time
| Newly developed Carplounge BT5 App for Android & IOS
| SmartPower Management: more safety through precise overview - compare the individual data and cell information of your batteries such as voltage difference.  Maximum / minimum cell voltage or monitor the balancing of the cells.   
| Manage & record real-time warnings: Set minimum values for your batteries, if you want to be notified by alarm when they fall below these values, for example: Cell temperature, over temperature, short circuit, over and under voltage.
| Display of real-time data digitally or as a graph: voltage, current, power, internal resistance and other parameters.
| Start/Stop charge & load switch management



// Camping, Fishing or E-Motor?

Outdoor use, camping or fishing in the middle of nowhere? Our LoungeBoxes are always a reliable source of power when you need it!

The LoungeBox has already proven its reliability internationally, even during long sessions over several days/weeks.

No matter whether it' s permanently installed in a caravan or used as a power supply for entire expeditions - with our wide range of lithium batteries , we can offer you a reliable power solution for every situation!


// Boat & Outdoor optimized.

Our LoungeBoxes are frequently used to supply electric motors for inflatable boats. However, it can happen that water enters the boat, e.g. due to heavy rain, leaks in the boat or waves.

Most power boxes have the connections at a very low level - which automatically leads to problems. We have installed all connections in the top area for maximum safety, even if the boat is filled with several centimetres of water!


// Industry quality you can trust!

Our LoungeBoxes are not only be used by anglers and campers: Nowadays, our LoungeBoxes are also used by the fire brigade, the police, the THW and expeditions to supply power to entire crews for longer periods of time.

Thanks to the multiple connections, several devices such as an e-motor, 220V converter, echo sounder, tablet, etc. can be used or charged at the same time without interfering with each other, which is the case with other suppliers.

// PWR- your universal Power source!

Our connectors, which have proven themselves over many years, make the LoungeBox a multitool for all situations: whether for charging baitboot batteries, as a power source for lighting systems or generally for charging and operating all kinds of electronic devices.

With the HighPower output, electric motors, voltage converters etc. can also be operated permanently with up to 3000W(!). In the short term, up to 4000W is easily available for voltage peaks!


// Certified safety through Smart BMS with Watchdog

Our proven Carplounge digital Smart BMS (Battery Management System) is now in use over 10,000 times worldwide and regularly receives awards from specialist media. Our LiIon and LiFePo cells are actively protected against overcharging, deep discharge, reverse polarity and overheating.

We are the only manufacturer to guarantee at least 2500 charging cycles without significant loss of capacity for our entire 4S battery range!

| For the highest security, guaranteed power, and maximum battery life, we only use "Class A" brand cells and avoid cheap Chinese cells!

| All Carplounge LOUNGEBOX and the SMART PWR BAITBOAT BATTERIES complies with all essential Requirements to electronic compability - attested Compliance [CE] -download CE as PDF-

| Under the UBA-Reg.No.: 21004725 (BattG) and WEEE-Reg.No.: DE 37740149 (EAR) the company Carplounge is certified as a manufacturer and distributor.




Beside our outdoor and industrial customers, the Loungebox is an inherent part of the equipment for police, fire, THW and DLRG departments.

Because of the huge amount of battery packs, we made for our baitboats and LoungBoxes we can offer our LoungeBoxes for an unbeatable price-performance ratio - of course with our original Carplounge quality!

Compare the LoungeBox with other manufacturers - divide the capacity (Wh) by the price incl. the charger!

Properties "LoungeBox 12V PWR 250aH BT5 | LiFePo BLUETOOTH Smart Battery Camping Caravan"
Capacity (Ah): 250
KG: 23.00
Watthour (Wh): 3400
Constant PWR (A): 150
Peak (A): 225
Peak (W): 4,000
Max Chg (A): 50
Lenght (cm): 52
Width (cm): 26
Height (cm): 22
Bluetooth + APP: with BT5 & Multiconnect APP
Heating System: without SmartHeat -30°
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